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Live to cook, rather than cook to live

If you live to cook, rather than cook to live — welcome home!

Offering a curated collection of the best-of-the-best kitchen essentials, Elihome is the brainchild of California’s well-known foodie, James.

For James, the kitchen is the heart and soul of every home, where families come together, friends are entertained, and good food is created, shared, and enjoyed to nourish body and mind. That’s why James has chosen to now put all his creativity, passion, and love for living into creating heavenly kitchen environments and kitchenware designed and crafted to spur enduring memories.

James’s overarching enthusiasm for selecting the right material for an Elihome kitchen essential embraces its texture, design, safety, and performance – all must reflect his deep-rooted family values. The health and wellbeing of family, friends, and indeed everyone who put their trust in Elihome kitchenware, is of paramount importance for James, from the first rough drawing to the way a finished item is delivered.

Three decades of experience in the global kitchen and housewares business has given James a deep sense of vision and passion that extends further afield than the kitchen itself.

James patiently explores beyond the barriers of culture to seek out craftsmen who blend skill and spirit to produce food preparation gems of quality that will enrich lives. But he takes his no-substitute-for-excellence philosophy and meticulous attention to detail to the next level by putting every product he plans to sell through repeated real-life tests in his own home.

The goal of Elihome is to ensure every piece of kitchenware offered by us is flawlessly right before it wins a place in your kitchen and to help people find the innovative artisan kitchenware tools which allow them to live their vision and values and sharpen their skills to deliver healthy, great-tasting food that feeds the body and the senses.

As James says: “Elihome is about the love of living well, enjoying family and friends, and being one with what brings your passion to life”.

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